AJ Kueterman

Remove some boiler plate and make manual dependency injection with Android View Models easier with the power of Kotlin extensions.

The Android team has been increasingly vocal about their support for Dependency Injection frameworks like Dagger, going so far as to develop and recommend Hilt — their Android DI framework built on top of Dagger — for modern Android development.

In their guide to manual dependency injection the Android team…

Opinion — It’s hard to see what’s below the surface until you actually dive in.

Estimation is one of the hardest problems in software development. Trying to calculate the time required to solve complex technical and organizational problems is more magic than art. As Kelly Vaughn on Twitter put it…

When you give a developer 5 hours for a task, they’ll let you know they…

The meandering journey of an old blogger.

For a recent episode of the podcast “What’s Tech?” from The Verge, Chris Plante has a conversation with The Verge’s Social Media Manager Kaitlyn Tiffany about what Tumblr is.

Listening to this podcast, I began reflecting on my time over the last several years of using Tumblr, and I began…

AJ Kueterman

Mobile developer and designer. Into the Jamstack. Read on at ajkueterman.dev

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